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Mountbatten vocationAL school


"At Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS), we believe in leaving no one behind.  Our programmes are developed to provide training for youths who may not fit well in regular mainstream or special education schools.  Here, we aim to train our students to be self-reliant and be able to contribute to society.  We believe that education is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical ability of an individual.  We aim to achieve this with our students through our holistic programmes. “Deeds Not Words”, has been our motto since our school started in 1975 and we are determined as ever in our resolve to provide training opportunities for all who can benefit from our programmes. 

I have been the Administrator of MVS for seven years now.  Before this, I have worked in mainstream secondary school and college in Hong Kong and an Early Childhood Education training centre in Singapore. MVS has been the most challenging of all the schools I have worked in, but the most fulfilling. We face many challenges each day but I have a great team of teachers and support staff who are passionate and dedicated to our work.  We are truly thankful for your support of our programmes. In times of limited resources, contributions such as this make an incredible difference in what is available to our students.


Mountbatten Vocational School (formerly known as Vocational School for the Handicapped) was established in 1975 to train our deaf youths to be skilled workers.  Due to the needs of the community, it opened up to trainees with various learning disabilities in the later years.  The School was registered with the Ministry of Education on 21st of July, 1977 as the Vocational School for the Handicapped; it was renamed the Mountbatten Vocational School (MVS) on 23rd of May, 2006.

Over the years the school has seen a progression of programmes, from Pre-Vocational courses to National Trade Certificate Grade 3 courses, to ITE Skills Certificate Basic programmes and finally the current ITE Skills Certificate programmes (ICS).

Beginning in 2003, the School began to offer the ITE Skills Certificate Basic programmes in Basic Computer Applications and Basic Office Skills to keep up with the changing industrial needs.  New programmes such as Basic Food and Beverage Service and Basic Housekeeping Operations were added later.

The ITE Skills Certificate Basic programmes will be phased out from January 2012, to be replaced by the ITE Skills Certificate programmes.  Currently, MVS is an Approved Training Centre to offer the ITE Certificate in Food Preparation and the ITE Certificate in Food & Beverage Service.








“Deeds Not Words”

To provide vocational training to youths with special needs leading up to ITE Certification, and prepare them for open employment.

To provide and impart value-added academic and life-skills to trainees based on integrity, responsibility and independence so as to maximize potential and optimize integration into the community.

To develop an excellent institution that prepares our trainees to be independent individuals ready to participate and contribute to the community.

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