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Sics Purple Outreach


SICS Purple Outreach is a signature event under the Special Interest and Community Service Sodality (SICS) CCA Constituent Student Body (CBd).

Annually, SICS Purple Outreach conducts a series of weekly outings with our beneficiaries that aim to help add valuable skills and meaningful interaction between the volunteers and beneficiaries. This year, Purple Outings was organized as a separate event and was hence renamed to SICS Purple Outreach.


With humble beginnings in 2008, SICS Purple Outreach has grown from a student-managed project into an iconic university-wide initiative and has been in partnership with Central Singapore Community Development Council, in support of The Purple Parade -- A movement that calls to mind the celebration of the abilities of persons with special needs.

This initiative was started by a compassionate group of students who truly cared for the society. Over the years, SICS Purple Outreach stayed true to its core, which is to be a platform for SMU students to interact with one another while giving back to society.

So, do sign up for SICS Purple Outreach with your friends! 


See you there,

SICS Purple Outreach Organizing Committee


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© SICS Purple Outreach 2022

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